• Hi & Low Lights
  • Color Correction
  • Razor Cuts
  • Cinderella Extension
  • Up-Dos
  • EVOLVE Volumizer

Over 14 years of experience in the profession dedicated to the specialization of color, color correction and Cinderella hair extensions have opened me a market of returned happy clients and their referrals making me very successful in the business. The reason for that success, first is the favor and grace of God and the gift that he has bestowed on me with the abilities to do this profession which I do with a lot of pleasure and joy and always baring in mind to provide to my clients the latest trend in the industry by going to international hair seminars and hair shows. Make an appointment with me and see for yourself!


High my name in Cindy Hughey, and I have been doing hair for 29 years. I have been at Salon Victoria for 6 years. I enjoy meeting people and pride myself in quality work. I would love the opportunity to serve you.


Hello, my name is Nora. I’m a native Texan with over 25 years of experience in the hair industry. Hair is my passion and I’m looking forward to visiting with you in the near future.


Hi my name is Samantha and I specialize in all things hair. I love my job and making people look their best. I’m looking forward to meeting you and becoming your new stylist.

Sherri T.

Hi! My name is Sherri T. I love making people feel good about their hair! I’m a color specialist and love doing whatever your hair needs to look great, and sometimes that takes a couple of colors, or different highlighting techniques. I specialize in straightening systems and Invisitab extensions. My consultations are free and I look forward to seeing you!